THE ANNUAL POOLSIDE CHILDRENS CARNIVAL–complete with water slide. dinosaur, balloon animals, pizza party and JUST PLAIN TONS O FUN!!!!


Smiles were plenty as The Easter Bunny made a stop here at grenadier. Our community family children enjoyed breakfast before heading out to an Easter Egg Hunt. Four lucky children that found golden eggs won Easter Baskets.

The classical popular game of UNO is evidently still going strong, and a favorite at any age. 

Such was the case at a hugely successful event today. Amazing residents of all ages enjoyed, good food, good fun, and some strategy filled UNO playing. Elimination rounds were carried out to only 4 remaining. Those 4 played one more round to determine prize levels. We even had a selfie photo booth with props which added to the fun .GREAT FUN had by all!


Our annual childrens’ Christmas Party brings out the best in all of us. Smiles abounded and young and old alike love to smile and think of Santa!!


A damp chill present, but warmth filled the air as residents, Harbor members and employees gathered and ate  German food, sampled craft beers and had just good old OCTOBERFEST type fun.

CHILDREN”S HALLOWEEN “SPOOK” tacular party—-fun, games, prizes, food.

Success once again as children of all ages enjoyed themselves.

The joy of the season was the evening theme for our “50 and better” residents’ celebration.

Wine Tasting - The word "Bouquet" takes on new meaning! 

The wine tasting brought a new sense of wines and the variety of bouquets each one brings. As we learned how light, medium or full bodied is attributable to the alcohol itself, we also enjoyed having fun and socializing with neighbors and friends. Another truly successful event here at Grenadier.